Our Cabin

The Perfect Peace is located in a cozy little log cabin that was built by locals over 130 years ago.  It sits on two acres in Meade County and borders the private lakeside community of Doe Valley. The property is completely surrounded by trees and deer that frequent the area.  It's only about twenty miles from Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Corydon, Indiana and only minutes from historic downtown Brandenburg.    

Lisha Hancock

Lisha Hancock started The Perfect Peace in 2018 in hopes of educating her community about the powerful connection between the mind, body, and soul and to offer natural ways of calming and healing.  Lisha, who has dealt with crippling anxiety and a thyroid imbalance firsthand, began meditating in 2015 as a way to relieve symptoms naturally. She also began to study and practice mindfulness which aided in her recovery.  The life changing impact that meditation and mindfulness has had on her prompted the desire to share her story and teach what she has learned in order to help others. 


She teaches meditation and mindfulness to individuals, families, and businesses at her cabin or their location.  However, her passion is teaching children and they are surprising drawn to meditation and mindfulness, even as young as primary school.  She believes teaching them how to calm themselves and handle their emotions respectfully at an early age is extremely important to their well being later in life.  Not only can it reduce bullying, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress, it can help with focus, productivity, compassion, confidence, and immunity!


Lisha is very passionate about helping her community and continues to study and teach new ways of healing and empowering the mind, body and the soul.