Dry Salt Therapy Chamber

Dry Salt Therapy is a very relaxing and healing experience that benefits the overall well-being of adults, children, and athletes.  It can help with respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, congestion, and sinusitis as well as skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.  Dry Salt Therapy has also been known to provide relief from ear infections, cystic fibrosis, and sleep disorders and it calms anxiety and stress.  Come enjoy some calming tea, utilize our complimentary essential oil bar, and drift off to peace in a comfy zero gravity chair while listening to nature or meditation sounds.  Our chamber is private with enough room for two!  A 30 minute session is $25.  Bring a friend for only $10 more.


On Location Meditation

We are happy to offer mindfulness meditation classes right where you are!


We can teach your family at home, your colleagues at work, or your classroom!  Our classes are fun for parties as well!  Everyone can sample essential oils and other calming products while we go over the benefits of meditation, proper sitting position for maximum comfort, deep breathing, stretching, and relaxation techniques and tools.  We will have a ten minute guided meditation at the end.  Sessions are $50 an hour. 

​Prices for locations that are not local can be negotiated.


Reiki & Chakra Cleansing

Reiki Master Wendy Spohn of Serenity Fitness offers Reiki with Chakra Assesment and Cleansing in our soothing and relaxing meditation room!  

Wendy will be able to assess the state of your Chakra system and provide feedback about the location of each energy center and its movement. She will send Reiki to areas in need of healing, cleansing, and realignment. 

Each session will last 45 minutes and she'll give you a record of your session and self-care Chakra cards for continued care at home. 


Energy Assessment & Coaching

Lisha Hancock is an Energy Intuitive and offers guidance based on your current energy and Chakra alignment.  Similar to Reiki, Lisha will be able to tap into your energy center and offer guidance, therapies, and resources that will benefit your life and well being.   You are welcome to record and will be given session notes and homework.


Cost is $50 for a half hour.


Private Meditation Lesson

Groups are not for everyone so we offer private mindfulness meditation lessons at our cabin. This is perfect for small groups or bring the family!  

We will go over why meditation is important, proper sitting position for maximum comfort, deep breathing, stretching, relaxation techniques and tools including essential oils, and we will have a guided meditation at the end. You're welcome to sample calming teas before hand.  Sessions last about an hour and cover up to four people.  


Far Infrared Amethyst Crystal Therapy Bed

Reset in this relaxing, Far Infrared, Amethyst therapy bed. Emitting Far Infrared light-waves and negative ions, and using electric coils and the healing properties of Amethyst crystals, our mat warms the inside of your body while safely using heat. It reduces soreness, helps with insomnia, calms anxiety and stress, and helps with your overall feeling of balance and well being. Drink some calming tea, utilize our complimentary essential oil bar, and drift off to peace fully clothed in our therapy bed while listening to nature or meditation sounds. You can also opt for a lightly heated, Amethyst crystal eye mask and shoulder pad. You'll LOVE IT!!!!  A 30 minute session is $20 and 60 minutes is $40.